The 2023 Nordentoftprize is awarded to Arnârak Patricia Bloch

The Nordentoft Prize 2023 is awarded to Arnârak Patricia Bloch for her tireless work in recent years in educating and informing healthcare professionals about suicide prevention in Greenland. The award will be presented at the National Network Day for Suicide Preventive Clinicians in Denmark on November 2, 2023.

Suicide is a significant problem in Greenland, although it is underprioritized from a political standpoint in Denmark. Arnârak Patricia Bloch was nominated for the Nordentoft Prize by Livslinien because she, over the past four years, has played a central role in spreading knowledge on suicide prevention among healthcare professionals in Greenland. Approximately 500 professionals have been trained to engage professionally and provide support to individuals with suicidal thoughts and their families—and this training has been delivered in the Greenlandic language. The fact that someone familiar with Greenlandic culture is conducting this training ensures better communication. Cultural understanding is crucial when addressing sensitive subjects, such as suicide. Arnârak and her colleagues have skillfully incorporated knowledge from outside and use it to benefit Greenland. We are honored to support a Greenlandic initiative aimed at preventing suicide.

On behalf of the prize committee,

Annette Erlangsen Elene Fleischer Jan-Henrik Winsløv

News about this years award can be found here

About the Nordentoft Prize:
The Nordentoft Prize was established by the Association for Education and Research in Suicide Prevention (“FUFS”) to honor the significant efforts of Professor Merete Nordentoft in the area of suicide prevention. The purpose of the prize is to raise awareness about suicide prevention on a broader level.

The prize is presented at the annual network meeting for Suicide Preventive Clinics on November 2, 2023, in Aalborg.

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