Denmark has a national plan for suicide prevention

Health minister Sofie Løhde recently announced that the government has passed a bill for a national action plan for suicide prevention. The plan is part of the larger 10-year plan for psychiatric care.

The agreement, which can be downloaded below, contains recommendations related to following focus areas:

  1) Better treatment and support for people at risk of suicide.

  2) Destigmatization of suicide thoughts and behaviours.

  3) More support for bereaved by of suicide and relatives affected by suicide attempts.

  4) Children and young people should be protected from self-harm and suicide-related content on the internet.

  5) Enhanced efforts of means restrictions.

  6) More research on suicide prevention and monitoring of the efforts in national plan.

The government has allocated 48.8 million DKK to the national suicide preventive initiatives this year and 65 million DKK annually from 2025. The full agreement regarding the funds allocated to national efforts can be found in Danish on this link:

DRISP is thrilled about the action plan. We have for numerous years argued that suicide preventive efforts need to be guided by a national plan. This is a prerequisite for setting priorities and reaching identified goals.

Download the entire national action plan in Danish here: