National partnership for suicide prevention

Danish Research Institute for Suicide Prevention (DRISP) did the 8 sep. 2018 join the new National Partnership for Suicide Prevention. In total, 22 organisations have committed to collaborate with the purpose of promoting suicide prevention in Denmark. The date for the formal start of the partnership coincides with the WHO World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th, which is marked by various events throughout the country. “We are pleased to finally have a national partnership for suicide prevention. There has not been a decline observed in suicide rate over the last 15 years – it is time to make a change through a coordinated and goal-oriented effort to prevent suicidal behaviours” says program leader Annette Erlangsen, DRISP. “Internationally, we have a substantial body of evidence on effective strategies for prevention. DRISP is eager to establish evidence-based knowledge on effective measures with a focus on implementation”. DRISP has received funding to update the knowledge stand on risk predictors for suicide. In addition, Merete Nordentoft who is a professor in psychiatry and employed at Mental Health Centre Copenhagen has recently received 18 mill DKK from the Danish Ministry of Health (‘SATS-pulje’) to implement a better follow-up on patients discharged/transferred from/between psychiatric care providers. “It is extremely important to examine whether such efforts have an actual effect so that we know whether it makes sense to implement them nationally” Merete Nordentoft explains.