App for people with self-harm – MYPLAN Zero Self-Harm

Some people intentionally harm themselves to relieve mental pain. It may be difficult to stop this behavior once it has been initiated. There are, unfortunately, few treatment options for people with self-harm. One recommended approach is to develop strategies in the form of a safety plan, which can be activated if the urge for self-harm … Continue reading “App for people with self-harm – MYPLAN Zero Self-Harm”

Evelyn Guerrero

Position: Master of science Education: Cand. soc Mobil / Cell (+45) 45 20 44 96 55E-mail: Research interest Non-suicidal self-injury, eHealth tools, such as smartphone apps for suicide prevention. Zero Self-harm is a randomized clinical trial in Denmark which aims to investigate whether the app Zero Self-harm for people over the age of 18 … Continue reading “Evelyn Guerrero”