App for people with self-harm – MYPLAN Zero Self-Harm

Some people intentionally harm themselves to relieve mental pain. It may be difficult to stop this behavior once it has been initiated. There are, unfortunately, few treatment options for people with self-harm. One recommended approach is to develop strategies in the form of a safety plan, which can be activated if the urge for self-harm … Continue reading “App for people with self-harm – MYPLAN Zero Self-Harm”

Lene Qvist Larsen, MSc

Position: Ph.D student Education: MSc Global Health Mobil / Cell (+45) 29 34 94 25E-mail: Area of research: Non-suicidal self-harm, app-based health promotion, e-health, mixed method research Research project: As a Ph.D student, I am investigating whether people with non-suicidal self-harm benefit from using the app MYPLAN Zero Self-Harm. The app allows the user to set up … Continue reading “Lene Qvist Larsen, MSc”