MYPLAN – a self-help tool for management of crisis

People who have had a suicide attempt have a significantly higher risk of repeated suicidal behaviour. MYPLAN was created with the intention of being a self-help tool for management of suicidal crisis. This project consists of 1) a qualitative study of stakeholders on improvements to MYPLAN; 2) a randomized clinical trial to evaluate MYPLAN’s efficacy in reducing suicide intent among … Continue reading “MYPLAN – a self-help tool for management of crisis”

Anette Juel Kynde, PhD student

Position: Ph.d. studerende Education: MScN Mobil / Cell (+45) 23 88 59 99E-mail:​​ Profil på ​​ResearchGate: Research interestsResearch interest: Qualitative research approaches, user involvement, interventionresearch. My PhD project involves the development of a psychoeducational website tosupport relatives of people with suicidal behaviour. ​Selected publi​cations Buus N, Erlangsen A, River J, Andreasson K, Frandsen H, … Continue reading “Anette Juel Kynde, PhD student”

Kate Andreasson Aamund. PhD

Position: MD, head of the research collaboration, senior researcher, principal investigator Education: Cand. med Mobil / Cell (+45) 38 64 30 24E-mail: ​​ResearchGate profile Research interests Suicide prevention, affective disorders (treatment resistant depression), psychometrics, and randomized clinical trials. Publicat​ions Andreasson, K, Krogh, J, Bech, P, Frandsen, H, Buus, N, Stanley, B, Kerkhof, A, Nordentoft, M … Continue reading “Kate Andreasson Aamund. PhD”

Jette Louise Skovgaard Larsen.

Position: Tech- developer Education: Cand. scient. soc Mobil / Cell (+45) 22 43 77 28E-mail: Profil på ​​ResearchGate: Research interest I am broadly interested in health technology implemented in the field psychiatry. Developing electronic tools that people find useful is my motivation. I have a particular focus on innovative way of developing and … Continue reading “Jette Louise Skovgaard Larsen.”

Charlotte Mühlmann. PhD

Position: Post doc researcher Education: MSc in Psychology Mobil / Cell (+45) E-mail: Profil på ​​ResearchGate​_Muehlmann2​ Research interests In the Self-help Online against Suicidal thoughts (SOS) trial, we examined the effect of an internet-based therapy program ( and found the program to be effective in lowering suicidal ideation. In the MyPlan project, we investigate the … Continue reading “Charlotte Mühlmann. PhD”


2017 Andreasson, K; Krogh, J; Bech, P; Frandsen, H; Buus, N; Stanley, B; Kerkhof, A; Nordentoft, M; Erlangsen, A. (2017) MYPLAN –mobile phone application to manage crisis of persons at risk of suicide: a multi-center, randomized clinical trial. Trials Erlangsen A,  Runeson B, Bolton JM, Wilcox HC, Forman LJ, Krogh J, Shear MK, Nordentoft M, … Continue reading “Publications”