Anette Juel Kynde, Post.Doc

Position: Post.Doc

Education: MScN

Mobil / Cell (+45) 23 88 59 99

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Research interests
I am interested in qualitative research methods, user involvement, caregiver research, and intervention research. In my PhD project, I contributed to the development of a website with psychoeducation to support parents of children with suicidal behavior. I am now employed as a postdoc and I will evaluate the use of the website

Research interest: Qualitative research approaches, user involvement, intervention

​Selected publi​cations

Buus N, Erlangsen A, River J, Andreasson K, Frandsen H, Larsen JLS, Nordentoft M, Juel A. (2018) Stakeholder perspectives on using and developing the MYPLAN suicide prevention mobile phone application: A focus group study. Arch Suicide Res. 9:1-24. DOI: 10.1080/13811118.2018.1489319

Buus N, Juel A, Haskelberg H, Frandsen H, Larsen JLS, River J, Aamund KTA, Nordentoft M, Davenport T, Erlangsen A. (2019) User involvement in developing the MYPLAN mobile phone safety plan app: a case study

Juel A, Hjort P, Munk-Jørgensen P, Buus N. (2018). Health Beliefs and Experiences of a Health Promotion Intervention Among Psychiatric Patients With Substance Use: An Interview Study. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 32, 3, 462-468.

Danish Research Institute for Suicide Prevention – DRISP
Forskningsheden, Psykiatrisk Center København
Kildegaardsvej 28, Opg. 15, 4. sal
DK-2900 Hellerup