Nikolaj Kjær Høier, MscR

Position: Research Assistant, Research year student.

Education: medical student, Master of Science by Research in Psychiatry

Mobil / Cell ( +45) 42 44 54 56
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Nikolaj Høier

Research interest: 
Neurobiological changes, neurological disorders, sleep disturbances and suicide risk and behaviors.

Area of research: 
Nikolaj Høier, MscR Psychiatry is attached at The University of Edinburgh and a medical student at the University of Copenhagen. His work is primarily focused on neurological and circadian disorders such as sleep disorders and sleep medication and their association with suicide risk. Furthermore, Nikolaj is conducting research into the structural brain changes observed in children with sleep disorders and how these might relate to suicidal behaviors in pre-adolescents while at The University of Edinburgh. Nikolaj is also working on projects looking into the effect of migraine disorders and suicide. His main area of interest is the neurobiological aspects of suicide and neurological comorbidity and its interplay with suicide risk.

Awards and grants:
Nikolaj Høier is the recipient of The 2021 James Kirk Bernard Foundation For Excellence in The Biological Exploration of Suicide awarded by the IASR, AFSP and James Kirk Bernard Foundation. He has also won the Best Abstract Price at the Aging and Sleep 2020 conference.
Nikolajs work has previously been generously sponsored by The Lundbeckfoundation, The William Demant Foundation, Knud Hoejgaards Foundation, Direktør Ib Henriksens Foundation and Dagmar Marshals Foundation.

Nikolaj is a member on the Chronopsychiatry Research Group, Division of Psychiatry, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences at The University of Edinburgh beside his affiliation with DRISP and a member of the scientific and organizing committee of The 19th European Symposium on Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour (ESSSB19).

Dansk Forskningsinstitut for Selvmordsforebyggelse
Forskningsheden, Psykiatrisk Center København
Kildegaardsvej 28, Opg. 15, 4. sal
DK-2900 Hellerup