Eva Reinhold Jauho, Cand. psych. Aut.

Position: Ph.D. student

Education: Cand. Psych. Aut.

E-mail: eva.reinhold.jauho@regionh.dk

Phone: +45 42 94 32 34

Area of research

Children and adolescents with suicidal behavior.

Research project

With a background in clinical practice in the children’s psychiatry clinics, specifically working with children and adolescents with suicidal ideation and behaviors, my passion lies in contributing to research aimed at preventing such issues among healthy populations. My focus is particularly on school-based interventions targeting suicidal behavior and distress among adolescents. In my Ph.D. project, I investigate the school-based program Youth Aware of Mental Health (YAM) in a Danish context. The project is structured as a blinded cluster-randomized, controlled trial, where we examine the feasibility of YAM in Danish public schools and explore its effects through exploratory outcomes. Additionally, I place great emphasis on implementation processes and participant involvement, as I am interested in creating sustainable interventions that can reach broader population groups.


Region Hovedstadens Psykiatri

Børne- og Ungdomspsykiatrisk Center


Gentofte Hospitalsvej 3A, 1. sal

2900 Hellerup