Lene Qvist Larsen, MSc

Position: Ph.D student

Education: MSc Global Health

Mobil / Cell (+45) 29 34 94 25
E-mail: lene.qvist.larsen.01@regionh.dk

Area of research: 
Non-suicidal self-harm, app-based health promotion, e-health, mixed method research

Research project: 
As a Ph.D student, I am investigating whether people with non-suicidal self-harm benefit from using the app MYPLAN Zero Self-Harm. The app allows the user to set up a safety plan based on previous critical episodes and to identify warning signs and develop strategies for coping with a crisis. MYPLAN Zero Self-Harm is currently being tested in a randomized controlled trial in order to determine whether the app can reduce self-harm. The app is also being evaluated in a qualitative study to identify barriers and facilitators for using the app.

Dansk Forskningsinstitut for Selvmordsforebyggelse
Forskningsheden, Psykiatrisk Center København
Kildegaardsvej 28, Opg. 15, 4. sal
DK-2900 Hellerup